Here at PigWorks, we work with creative professionals located all over the globe. As a result, we have developed and adopted several collaborative tools to allow seamless interaction amongst our creative contributors.

Although our own in-house project management system (Wingnaut) allows us to track progress, budgets, timelines, and person-hours on a per-project basis, we lacked an integrated solution to allow communication and collaboration between our various team members and clients in a real-time environment. In the past, our communications were scattered over several platforms (email, Skype, various messengers).

As luck would have it, Lars happened upon a video produced by Sandwich, highlighting their use of Slack in their growing business. This video was enough incentive for us to give Slack a try, and we immediately fell head-over-heels for the ease of use and amazing feature set. The interface is amazingly user friendly, and the ability to integrate with Dropbox, Google Docs, GitHub, etc. made it an absolute no-brainer for us to adopt.

It looks as though we are in good company, as organizations such as Urban Outfitters, Lonely Planet, Yelp, Sony, Dell, HBO and many others have also adopted Slack.

We also love the ability to move fluidly from one device to another, and being able to pick up working exactly where we left off. The ability to form different channels for each project allows us to focus communications only to the team members needed, and really cuts down on overhead, and the “shortcut” features allows easy movement between projects.

One of the best attributes of Slack is the ability to search all content from within the program. The results are also able to be filtered, so finding the information you need is a snap.

Searchability, integration with other apps, accessibility from any platform, private groups, file sharing and absolute ease of use make Slack a winner.

As enthusiastic users, we recommend Slack highly, and proudly bestow the coveted 5 Piglets award!

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