Blank Is The New Black

During the Covid lockdown, we Pigs have been looking for outlets for our creativity. In our WebTravels, we happened upon Blank Poster, a website where the task is to create a poster based on a randomly generated word. The word works as the only common guideline for all participants and there are no judges so everyone is free to interpret the brief in their own way. The goal is to have a nice break from daily work and to be able to exercise creativity without restrictions.

Every week designers create posters based on a randomly generated word.

Blank Poster is an oasis for designers looking for some stress-free relaxation and a chance to stretch their creative muscles. Join us there!


Check out some of our submissions below:


There’s a book !!

Blank Poster have published a book (after 5 years and over 12.800 submissions). You can find out more on Slanted.

 “The publication features posters that demonstrate the wide variety of designs within the online poster archive. Furthermore, it aims at showing the creative potential found in the experimental exercise of doing what you feel like within a short timeframe with minimal guidelines.”


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